Anahat is committed to saving and improving lives by improving public health practice in India. We aim to work with India’s poorest communities to help them stay healthy and well.

Given the chronic shortage of doctors in India, the disproportionately high cost of hospital care, and the debilitating out-of-pocket health expenses that poor communities are burdened with, it is important that public health (or preventive health) practices of communities are strengthened. This can only be possible if there is a concerted effort to change or improve health behavior patterns by educating and supporting communities that do not have easy access to doctors and to health facilities.

Most public health problems have simple solutions, but these solutions are incomplete and often do not reach the last mile. Health indicators can be improved if community health workers are trained to provide basic health care and to educate their own communities on better health practices. We also believe that social determinants of health must be studied in depth to design more impactful solutions and behavior nudges. Community Health Workers (CHWs) are critical to strengthening public health systems in India. Anahat aims to strengthen this workforce by equipping them with the right skills, software, and hardware. This comprehensive capacity building program will make CHWs a strong healthcare cadre that will be as valid as doctors and nurses.