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With the spread of the pandemic, health facilities are overwhelmed with COVID-19 detection, tracking and prevention. An unfortunate fall out of this COVID-19 pandemic has been that patients with chronic and other illnesses are not able to get the treatment that they need. The exclusion of any segment of the population from essential health care, water, sanitation and hygiene services not only puts that individual at risk, but creates an unnecessary and unacceptable risk to the entire population by allowing highly communicable diseases like COVID-19 to spread more easily.

From early March onwards, general health services in most cities in India were scaled down, as the focus on COVID-19 intensified. The lockdown in late March imposed severe restrictions on mobility, which meant that patients with chronic diseases or with non-COVID infectious diseases had a harder time getting treatment and medicines. Patients who stop taking medicines or who do not get infections treated, are more vulnerable to COVID-19, and are being put at risk of developing co-morbidities. These conditions made it imperative to provide telemedicine services to ‘forward triage’ patients.

In April 2020, we started our Telemedicine services, through which we provide free telemedicine consultation with doctors. After a consultation, with the help of volunteers we ensure that the required medicines are delivered to patients’ homes. Our telemedicine protocols are in line with the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines issued by the MOHFW, Government of India. 

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