COVID-19 Updates: Bangalore

India had about 64 lakh Covid-19 infections by early May: National sero-survey

More than 64 lakh Indians were exposed to Covid-19 as against the official count of around 62,000 on May 10 – a jump of 100 times – demonstrating a silent spread of the virus escaping the detection net in the early months of the epidemic.

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AstraZeneca pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial for safety review

The pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca halted large, late-stage global trials of its coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday because of a serious suspected adverse reaction in a participant, the company said.

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Is covid losing its sting in Bengaluru?

Just 5.4% of Covid positive patients are symptomatic. Bengaluru may be seeing a big surge in covid-19 cases but the number of symptomatic cases is dipping.

The costs of India’s Covid-19 crisis are too high

India is reeling from a quadruple whammy that is practically unique even during this pandemic. First, growth has taken a hit that appears to be larger than any of its peers, with GDP shrinking 23.9% in the first post-pandemic quarter. While the econo…

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Doctors allay reinfection fears

Case reported in city is likely to be false alarm as chances of reinfection are low.

World must be better prepared for next pandemic, says WHO boss

World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday the world must be better prepared for the next pandemic, as he called on countries to invest in public health.

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Was the lockdown worth it?

As India’s economy crashes to one of its lowest points in history, the big question is whether the lockdown was worth the economic struggle we are facing now.

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August 25 2020: Bengaluru at 1 Lakh COVID-19 Cases

Bengaluru Urban District has a case positivity rate of 13.4% for the last two weeks, and overall positivity rate of 16.29%. Case doubling rate is 25 days. Recovery rate stands at 66.1%.

Source: Covid war room reports, compiled by state war room and BBMP, Aug 23.

Live Tracking of the Coronavirus Outbreak in India

Ever since March 2020, a group of volunteers have been tracking the spread of the coronavirus in India, and have been posting and updating the data on a daily basis at their website

The search bar at the top filters data by state, district and city, giving the most accurate and up to date numbers in your vicinity.