Here are pictures of a few patients from our medical camps and telemedicine consultations. These pictures flag the wide range of health care urgently required in urban slums.

4 year old child with intense and painful skin irritation due to a very bad cold, in Tumkur.

7-day old baby delivered in a hut in Bangalore. Referred to the local PHC for follow up.

Wounds caused by leprosy, in Bangalore. Referred for dressing to the government leprosy hospital.

Leprosy patient under treatment at a government centre. A young mother of two small children, this patient was also severely malnourished.

Arthiritis Patient

85 year old patient in Bangalore, with untreated high blood pressure. Referred to the local PHC.

A TB patient in Tumkur. Referred to the local PHC

A 12 year old girl with club feet. She will require multiple surgeries to correct this.

Diabetes patient with infected feet. Treated with the help of the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust



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