Community health workers play a critical role in strengthening health systems, and in responding to national health disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic. In India, where the COVID-19 graph is steadily rising, health workers are crucial to prevent, detect, monitor and trace patients and their contacts. COVID-19 has overwhelmed our health systems – and as always this affects the poorest of poor patients. More than ever before, it is imperative that community health workers are provided with skills and support to deal not only with the coronavirus, but also to continue to deliver essential health services to their communities.

 ASHA workers (community health workers), ANMs (Auxillairy Nurse & Midwife), TB Treatment Supervisors, NCD (non-communicable diseases), and other government health staff participate in our medical camps. Our camps provide a platform for them to interact with the community – this can be a challenge when they are alone. These interactions help to ensure that there is continuity of essential primary health care services.

We assist with upskilling community health workers through disease specific learning modules – diabetes, hypertension, TB, Anaemia, TB, Oral Cancer, Breast and Cervical Cancer.


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