100,000 children in India die every year due to poor sanitation & hygiene
Almost 250 million women and adolescent girls are anaemic
42 million children under 5 years are stunted and underweight
76 million Indians do not have access to safe, clean drinking water
71 million suffer from diabetes and 100 million have high blood pressure
235 million people, mostly men, chew combinations of tobacco and other toxic substances, and are at risk of developing oral cancer
Estimated 122,844 cervical cancer and 144,000 breast cancer cases in India
22 million people at risk of developing some form of pulmonary disease.
2.5 million deaths every year are linked to pollution.
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India urgently needs to strengthen its public health systems and processes, to improve these indicators.

Anahat is committed to saving and improving lives by improving public health practice in India.

We work with India’s poorest communities to help them stay healthy and well.