Enabling better public health in India

Enabling better public health in India

Strengthening preventive health services can save India millions of rupees in healthcare costs. Anahat aims to fill the gaps that exist in the administration and management of public health in India, by offering open assets that enable frontline public health workers to do their jobs better.

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What We Do


Anahat builds capacities of front line community health workers by training them to understand the basic facts about common diseases. To this end we are developing disease specific learning modules, that will be disseminated using the ECHO platform. Health workers can log into scheduled classes, listen to a lecture, and present cases for guided practice.  

These modules help health workers recognize symptoms and assist community members to navigate appropriate care pathways. 


Regular screening is necessary to prevent and manage chronic diseases. Anahat strives to equip health workers with appropriate software and hardware to provide basic screening services in the community. 

The Anahat NCD Screener (mHealth), enables detection and tracking of at risk cases. 

Screenings are conducted in urban slums and in villages, with a focus on vulnerable and marginalised groups like urban waste pickers and tribal communities.   

Anahat also offers chronic disease screening services to companies, to extend support to communities through their CSR programs and to screen their own support staff. Our screening is also available for Community Based Organisations (CBOs) to use for the communities they work in. 


India Health Portal is envisioned as an online networking site for organisations and individuals working to strengthen public health systems in their communities.

It will provide access to primary and secondary health data; share screening protocols and software, as well as information about new screening tools
and new care pathways available. The Portal will serve as a repository of knowledge for practitioners working on improving public health in India.