Health Care for All


Medical Outreach Camps

Our free medical camps provide best in class primary health care to ultra-poor communities who have no access to basic healthcare services and have little or no knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. At our camps we provide free medical advice and medicines to all patients. More


An unfortunate side effect of the Covid 19 pandemic  has been that patients with chronic and other illnesses are not able to get the treatment that they need. In addition, restrictions on mobility, have made it imperative to provide telemedicine services to ‘forward triage’ patients. Learn more about our response to Covid 19

Patient-Centred Care

We are strengthening patient-centred healthcare for the poorest of poor patients. In order to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses we assist patients who need tertiary and secondary care with insurance empanelled private hospitals, or with government hospitals. We also ensure that the patient has a strong support system through the hospital stay and after. Read more here

Capacity Building for Non-Medical Health Workers

We have developed disease-specific learning modules suitable for non-medical health workers. These modules help health workers create awareness about prevention and management of illnesses, especially chronic diseases. More

Our Footprint

We work in the slums in Bangalore, Tumkur, Chamrajnagar, Davangere. More

Data from the Field

 We use data to advocate for follow up testing and care for all patients; match medicine inventory and health interventions by PHCs to community disease profiles. More

Glimpses of our Patients

Highlighting the urgent need for robust community health systems that will strengthen early detection and prevention of diseases. More


When you donate to Anahat, you are supporting our efforts to strengthen preventive health and keep our most vulnerable citizens healthy and safe.